A day in Cannes

Cannes is always in fashion, no matter what time of year but September is a particularly nice time to rent a “matelas” on the beach and sunbathe while having cocktails brought to you. Spend the morning shopping on Rue d’Antibes (there are hundreds of fabulous shops ranging from top of the line luxurious down to cheap and cheerful clothing, deco items, shoes, and jewelry), have a fantastic seafood meal at my favourite Caveau 30 restaurant (just behind the MacDonald’s) for lunch (just 11 euros!!) with a glass of white wine, then the rest of your afternoon at one of the private beaches. Be warned though, not all private beaches are created equal and can range in price from 18 euros a half-day to 38 euros plus (per person) for a day at the 5 star hotel beaches. But it’s all guaranteed to please – you’ll be in good comfort with or without shade (parasols usually cost more), have a great view of the cristal clear waters of the Mediterranean (Cannes Bay), the water is usually still quite warm so swimming is easy, and you wont feel guilty acting like a lazy seal.

If sunbathing and sea swimming isnt your style, then take a way around the various municipal museums or head for a walk through the old fishing village area of the town (Le Suquet) where it all started. Walk to the top of the clock tower where you’ll find sweeping views of the 400,000 population-strong city.