Artist Bruno Nahon’s expo in Cotignac

Artist Bruno Nahon will exhibit his paintings at the Cercle des Arts hall (just behind the church) in Cotignac once again this August. Stay tuned for the announcement of opening hours. 
His original work includes impressions of popular artists of our time (music and theatre) as well as his impression of stunning realism in symbols of Provence nature (like grape vines, cherry trees, and olive trees). Great stuff - I recommend a detour to this one!

In his words: 
"A scribbler from a young age,
I experimented at the far end of my classroom, close to the radiator, and took one day to make my passion materialise. 

After a few years of taming myself to give my ideas some structure, I knew it was time to work. I took a few years to break into the Internet bubble then explored the world of graphic arts and all that communication had to offer. The world seemed so broad to me; something that constantly reinvents itself. But support is unlimited: web-design can provide the setting for a factory's last firework, and photoshop is for life - it can give any company an attractive face for it can sketch, scrape, paint and format, illustrate and make anything come to bigger life... 
I have worked with Lycos, Mapa, for Seat and Chivas, Gaumont of RATP. I communicated with Causette, designed for the Crillon, surfed for ADEME. But exploration and learning are never-ending and it would be easy to forget the events and instruments that led me to where I am today. But I knew that, more than anything, I am a lover of the practice of illustrating and drawing which have led me to painting. The "Roots" and "Earth" were a big part of my childhood as I related to the landscapes and its fragrances and flavours, and flourished in the Provence sun -something that always inspired me to create ."vigne 01

 Un Gout d'été