Aups, the Truffle Village

The village of Aups is well worth a stop if you are staying in Cotignac. Outdoor markets there take place on Saturdays and Wednesdays in the Summer but the Saturday one is bigger and if you get there early in the morning (before 9am) you’ll get a near-by parking spot and have the best selection of just about everything from fresh produce and clothing, nougat, olives, breads, oils, and of course TRUFFLES. But if you are a truffle fan (like me, Susana), then you’ll want to come back for the annual Truffle Festival in January where you can watch the famous truffle pig effortlessly locate truffles in a matter of seconds.

All the restaurants have special truffle menus too, so always ask if you are a fan. The tourist office recently reopened at the Maison de Truffes so if you have some time, check out their little display and information about everything to do with the Tubero Melanosporum.