Bastide de Fangouse in Entrecasteaux

The chefs at Salerne’s Food ‘Amour decided to pack up and move to Entrecasteaux in order to delight diners in a pretty, airy, easy to park wedding venue-restaurant and I think they did the right thing. The food is just as good, if not better, and certainly made it easy for me to take photos as the lighting was fantastic even in January.

There is a choice of prix-fixe menus that start at 25 euros per person and include an amuse-bouche, appetiser, main, and dessert. At lunch on a week day I chose the menu du marché which included a fluffy cauliflower and vegetable cream (dairy free) concoction with croutons with a side of crayfish and guacamole on toast, then the filet mignon (pork) on mashed potato with perfectly steamed vegetables and an incredibly good sauce, followed by the drool worthy “exotic Tiramisu”. What’s more you get these adorable and very tasty home-made mignardese (berry jellies and dried fruit sablés) with your coffee at the end. I didn’t need to eat dinner that day but I didnt feel over-full either. I love lunches like that. I highly recommend this place particularly for big groups as their tables are quite large and for four of us ladies I felt a little too far apart from everyone and had to raise my voice to chat (!). It’s always best to reserve a table in advance in France and with restaurants like these but they are open in Winter which is great. The photos of the place at night are quite pretty too. Check out their website:

Bastide de Fangouse: