Bauduen (Lac St Croix) in late October

Just when we thought the weather was going to turn chillier and less sunny, it was clear blue skies and bright sunshine on October 30th, 2016. It was 23 degrees celcius.

We drove up to Bauduen (35 minutes from Cotignac) for a picnic and hike. The scenery could not be more idyllic: the water in the lake was still and calm, like a mirror, and there were very few people around so it felt like we owned the place! There were some picnic tables to choose from so we took one in the sun, surrounded by sparrows and a wild cat that looked well fed but came straight to us for a pet and a snack.

There is a nice and easy circuit walk down the lake past the bistros on the right hand side. When you get to the tennis courts you make a right turn onto a residential lane and come back via the back of the pretty village houses of Bauduen. It’s about 45 minutes long.

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