Beaches, Lakes, and Rivers, oh my!

There is a plethora of choice when it comes to bathing in the Summer Season here in Provence. Even if you may not be staying (or living) in a villa with swimming pool, there are plenty of choices for cooling down. Close to Cotignac we have the Lac St Croix (35 mins drive), the beaches of St Tropez (Pamplonne) and Bormes Les Mimosas (1 hr 15 mins), as well as River beds like the Plan d’Eau in Salernes (20 mins) or Vallon Sourn in Chateau Vert (20 mins)  or the Verdon in Quinson, where you can picnic or dine nearby, or enjoy sunbathing or naps under the parasol pines. There are also municipal swimming pools in Regusse, Brignoles, and St Maximin but be warned that picnics are not allowed pool-side and most do not allow entry with lounge chairs. You’ll have to make do with a simple towel to lie down on.

If you prefer to say local (ie, in Cotignac) you can pack a picnic and walk over to the Vallon Gai water fall (I call it the Lagoon Waterfall) – you can see the video Victoria made here on our site. The water is tested every year, and you can swim in it,  as long as you do so with caution.  Please be warned that should bad weather be forecast, this is NOT recommended as the water levels can rise very suddenly and cause drowning in areas not protected.