Beautiful Villecroze

The village of Villecroze is like a mini-Cotignac with its very pretty but slightly less dramatic limescale cliffs and old troglodytes. There is, however, an impressive waterfall that comes down and into the little rivers below that flow through the pretty public park (great for kids and feet-dipping in Summer!). The village with its 1,345 inhabitants still boasts some impressive cultural events throughout the year. Theatre, music concerts, and flee markets occur fairly regularly and the locals all seem very happy to be there isolated from large crowds of the larger towns nearby (Draguignan for example).  The village is one of the cleanest around (I never see any dog dung on the roads). It’s about a 20 minutes drive from Cotignac heading towards Draguignan via Salernes. This place is well worth a detour if only to visit the quaint famous café (La Boheme) run by Liz and the boutique: Mr Gum’s creations (gorgeous ceramic jewelry by the talented Guillaume Goisque, my FAVOURITE ceramic artist!).  And if you want to spend the night while being totally pampered, I highly recommend the luxurious B&B, Villacrosia ( where Gilles and Gilles will treat you like royalty.