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La Muie (river pool) in Salernes

The French call it a “plan d’eau” and in Salerne it’s the River Bresque that flows through a filter that feeds a man-made lido with shallow water falls fit for swimming. Just one warning though – even in the height of summer the temperature of the water is under 20 degrees so of course it’s refreshing but might be too cold for some. Still, it’s a lovely place to have a picnic and dip your feet into. Continue reading La Muie (river pool) in Salernes

Salerne’s Plan d’Eau

Too hot to think about anything other than dipping in cool water? Then Salerne’s Plan d’Eau is the place for you. It’s a lovely river water lido that is man made but uses the river water that is filtered before moving it’s way down the public “plan d’eau”. There is a lovely shaded grassy area for picnics and the whole family can swim in the colder-than-swimming-pool-water lido. It’s very refreshing!

Directions: Take the D13 direction Sillans-La-Cascade. At the chateau make a right and head in the directions of Salernes.  15 mins drive later you’ll come to a roundabout (mouth of the village of Salernes). Make a right turn and you’ll see signs for the Plan d’Eau (another right turn and go down the road where you’ll see a big gate, this is the entry to the swimming area).