Chateau de Berne – hotel, restaurant, and spa

Chateau de Berne used to be a small upscale auberge tucked into the middle of their vast property but nowadays boasts five stars for its hotel and spa facilities. They have invested heavily in making the resort top-notch with super equipment and amenities to excite and attract even the fussiest of upscale visitors.

Chateau de Berne is first known for its fine wine, of course, as it boasts one of the largest domaines around (120 hectares of vineyards and 500 plus hectares of natural forest) but what we love about it the most is how pretty and welcoming the place is, with concerts and events on regularly from March to December. The resort, along with its casual bistro, also boasts a gastronomic Michelin starred restaurant (chef Benjamin Collombat) which is open for lunch and dinner, and group or private cooking course in the most stunning yet cozy Provençale kitchen newly finished, in the main building. We have yet to try the courses but were lucky enough to dine for lunch on the “Menu du Marché” which included a refreshing fresh garden-herb-tea on arrival, an amuse bouche of garden veg tempura, mushroom creme crepe, tiny fresh torton with edible flower, a sabayonne of pumpkin with caramelised popcorn, the day’s fish (sea bass) with a sublime sauce made with coconut milk, saffron, and a hint of curry, gorgeous fresh garden vegetables cooked to perfection (and sometimes made into chips), and the most delectable, perfectly proportioned pre and main desserts followed by the final petit-fours that completed to make the experience something to truly remember, savor and properly appreciate. The Menu, on a weekday is discounted at 48 euros (but we were there on a weekend so 59 euros).

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