Circuit hike up to Chapelle Saint Blaise in Le Val

On a sunny clear day, this hike is hard to beat! To walk the entire circuit my husband and I took about an hour and 10 mins but we were walking pretty quickly.

You can either start by taking the road that forks off to the right (starts easy and less steap, but coming back down on the other side is steap and more challenging with lots of rocks) or to the left which is a more direct route to the chapels (see first photo “start here”).

From Cotignac take the road towards Brignoles, the D22. Go through Montfort and you will soon come to Le Val. At the junction where D562 meets D554 take a right turn and follow the D5554 for about a kilometre. Look for a safe place to park then walk up. You also have the option of taking the right fork (easier) and come down the same way. This would be less challenging and just as pretty. The views from the peak, where there is a big cross and a chair to sit on, are absolutely spectacular and well worth the climb. You can see the Bessillon peaks, the Aurelian, and the Saint Baume as well as the village of Le Val very clearly from up there. Perfect as a Sunday morning workout in February!

By the way, if you’d like to do this walk before having a leisurely lunch nearby I highly recommend “Le Crémaillère” in old Le Val for rustic but refined French cuisine.