Cotignac Bakeries (Boulangeries)

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when on vacation in France? Go to your neighbourhood boulangerie, of course, and pick out your croissants and baguettes for breakfast. And if you do as the locasl do, you should also think ahead and buy bread for lunch and dinner as well since the bakery will close for lunch hour and not re-open until 4pm in villages like Cotignac.

All of our three bakeries here (Pascale’s, Pouillard, and Infosino) also sell mouthwatering treats in the form of cakes and fruity delicacies all hand made in their own kitchens. Pascale’s has even created a special baguette named after our village, the Cotignacéen (the same work can be used for people who are originally from here).

My personal favourite cake is the Tropezienne – it is a specialty of St Tropez but is rather well copied at Infosino on the Grand Rue. It’s a spongy cake sandwiching a custardy cream in the middle and covered with crunchy sugar topping. It’s impossible to make (check out any authentic recipe on the net) and thoroughly time-consuming (kinda like the perfect macaron) so dont even attempt to bake it yourself unless you are an ambitious chef de patisserie! It’s far more convenient (and cheaper in my opinion) to simply purchase it.