Cotignac Petit Poucet Walk

The « Petit Poucet » Walk (8.5km, 170 m climb, marked yellow and black)

From the centre of the village take the rue de l’Araignée (a hill next to Chez Loli restaurant). At La Bouide, make a left turn. The small lane will lead you to the Cassole river where you will see a beautiful waterfall to the right. 

Continue on this road that will bend to the right then continue climbing up and following the road to the Chapelle St Martin. Make a left after the chapel and up to the main road. Cross the road and make a left turn. Stay on the right hand side of the road for about 50 metres until you see a sign for the Petit Poucet.

Take the little path on the right up to an olive grove and continue to l’Hermitage. Go straight for about 1.5 km. You will pass the bastide du Poucet (on your left) and continue straight on until the wine domaine called Caseneuve.
Make a right and continue down the stream until you see a bridge to your right then take the lane that goes straight. You will eventually come to the Cabanon Sara where you can take a break (recommended).

After a break, continue past the Cabanon and stay to the right and keep climbing. You will come to a paved lane where you will take a left turn. Continue on for another 2 km then take the main road RD22 (right turn).

Stay to your left on the main road and make a left turn at the sign for the camping grounds then take the next immediate right turn. Go up this path to the reservoir then descend back down until you hit the next main road, the RD 13 (but make sure to be very careful when crossing this road as the cars move quickly). Take the next right turn after crossing and head towards the forts (tours sarrasines). At first it will look like a private driveway but it is not – continue alongside a brook called the Escaillons trail and eventually this will bend to the left where you will come to the forts. This will leave you at the top of the village where you can either continue going down the small road after passing the forts or before the forts, there is a small path that leads to some stairs (just after passing a house with two rabbits adorning the gate) that will lead you back to the centre of the village.

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