Cotignac St Joseph Monastery Walks

The “Chemin des chapelles et du Monastère” (10km)

From the front of the Tourist Office, take the hill up to the road that leads to the Notre Dame. Continue on the paved road for around 10 minutes. You will soon see a smaller path that runs parallel to the road that is called « le chemin des Pèlerins » (The path of little stairs) which will lead you up to the Sanctuary.


At the parking area, there will be signs that will direct you to the St Joseph Monastery. There will also be signs that indicate how to come back to the Chapelle St Martin, the very first building of prayer in Cotignac. Take care when on the main road, however, as there may be trafic for aproximately 200 metres. Then make a right toward the chapel and continue past it, with vineyards to your left. This will lead to the path with a vue of the beautiful waterfall (called Cascade du Derroc, on the left) that falls into the Cassole river. This path will lead you back down into the village.

The Chemin des Pèlerins de Notre Dame de Grâces (2km)
From the Tourist Office, take the road that leads to the Notre Dame. Stay on the paved road for aproximately 10 minutes. Then take the small pebbly path on the right side that parallels the road. This will lead you up to the Sanctuary. At the top of this hill will be a magnificent view that makes the effort worthwhile!

The Chemin de pèlerinage de Notre Dame vers St Joseph (3km)
From the parking area of the Sanctuary, the signs will indicate you in the direction of the St Joseph Monastery. This path of pilgrimage is well guided due to the famous « Fête de St Joseph » which takes place annually on the 15th of March.

The Monastery does not accept visitors. However, the Chapel is open at the time of Mass (singing) which takes place daily at 11am.

old photo St Joseph (pilgrimage March 15)

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