Domaine Saint Andrieu

In Correns and tucked in between the borders of Ponteves and  Chateauvert,  is the 600-plus hectares of forest and vineyards belonging to the understated beauty and high quality wine domaine of Saint Andrieu.

The lovely Mme Susan Huet, the Sales and Marketing representative, gave us a little tour of the grounds (about 4 km drive from the centre of Correns) and best of all, tastings of their 2015 rosés, reds, and whites.

I found all their wines to be generally outstanding, and worthy of their slightly higher prices. One cannot find Saint Andrieu in the supermarkets or even in local wine boutiques – most of their production is sent elsewhere or exported out of the country. There are, however, some fine restaurants that are regular customers and hence the wine can be enjoyed locally. And of course it’s also available to purchase for those lucky wine lovers that make the visit to the domaine (best to make a reservation for this). The road from the centre of Correns that leads to the domaine is a little rocky and may be uncomfortable for some non-4WD vehicles. I had to drive very slowly in my Nissan Qashqai. But of course it was well worth it.

The enormous bastide (which could probably be called a chateau but that would be ostentatious and not fitting with Saint Andrieu’s non-snobby character) was built in the 18th century and fully restored by the current owners who are originally from Bordeaux and are familiar with wine making from that region.

I absolutely fell in love with the aperitif rosé “L’Oratoire” 2015 – so easy to drink and fragrant of grapefruits, peaches, and a dry finish to boot. The more expensive rosé was bold, with bite, full of character and would go very well with spicy food and just about anything for dinner. Both were good and worthy of their 10 and 11 euro per bottle price range (22 – 24 eur for the Magnum 1.5 litre sized bottles). 2015 was a VERY good year for wine here in Provence and we are all very much hoping 2016 will bring as good, if not better.

I also highly recommend the domaine’s reds and whites. Frankly, you can’t go wrong with Domaine Saint Andrieu, they “have it going on” and it’s a pleasure to discover wines so wonderful that do not have the expensive marketing bill associated with it. Hard to find…but that’s the whole point, n’est ce pas?

If you’re planning on a visit, remember they are not open on weekends and call ahead for opening hours 04 94 59 52 42. If you’d like a good place for lunch on the way out after a morning visit, try Auberge de Correns:

Domaine Saint Andrieu’s website can be found here.

Domaine Saint Andrieu:  Chemin Saint Andrieu, 83570 CORRENS
Fax : 04 94 77 73 18


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