Easy and beautiful: Cotignac’s Circuit Walk

This is by far my favourite walk and an easy one for most people. Just 3 km from center of Cotignac, over past the Medieval Forts (towers), past grape vines and the oldest chapel around (12th Century Chapel St Martin), a big waterfall and over two bridges to get back down into the village – it’s just wonderful no matter what time of year! Follow this guide:
From the Place de la Mairie (town square) go up past the Tapissier (rue de la Placette) and follow up to rue Plan de Giraud, through the archway of rue de la Puade and up the hill (follow signs to the forts). You will walk past the old silk factory on your right (rue de la Puade) then to the two forts at the top of the village cliffs. These are called the « Tours Medievals ». Pass the forts on your left and continue following the arrow and sun signs (stay right). Keep you your right and keep going. Make a right turn when you see « le mas de lapins », two clay rabbits adorning a gate and follow the narrow path past an olive grove on your left. Make a left turn after passing the little hamlet of houses which will lead you across a small bridge and to the Chapel St Martin. Make a left at the chapel (chemin du Derroc) and continue past the vineyards and down the hill. You will eventually come to the path with the view of the waterfall on your left. Continue straight and eventually the path will lead you over a small foot bridge, then back to the village.