Enjoy Christmas in Cotignac!

Here’s a great idea: spend Christmas (or New Year’s) in Cotignac, Provence, with your loved ones! Up to 5 of you can spend a few nights to a week in the beautiful village of Cotignac – steps from all the restaurants and shops, bakeries and bars – even a cinema. Quaint, cosy shopping, a Christmas market to remember (14th Dec) and great, happy people all ’round. Why are we all so happy living here? I think it’s to do with the weather (lots of sunshine) and all the wonderful, cheap wine. It’s my pleasure to offer all my Provence Living followers a great deal on a really pretty village house for a warm Proven├žale Christmas. If you are from outside of France, it’ll seem especially nice with lots of places to visit in all directions (Lac St Croix to the North, Aix-en-Provence, Arles, and Avignon to the West, Cannes and Nice to the East, and Marseille and St Tropez to the South). Contact Susana at provencelivingconsulting@gmail.com for more info