Lockdown day 22 – Update

Hi everyone, how are you today? It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in Cotignac! This morning I had to drive out to Brignoles because it is where the closest open post office is and I had to send a package out. The normally half-hour drive took exactly 19 minutes this time because of course there is no one on the road and again, I was not stopped by any police even after taking full advantage of the newest way to draw up a permission slip (via smartphone). Story of my life; I never get caught for doing the right thing. You can now go straight to the government site (“attestation de déplacement” on interieur.gouv.fr) and fill the form out, then download it onto telephone, then show the QR code to the police who will scan it. Apparently they do not store the information anywhere but, hmmm, I have my doubts about that!

It was so odd to drive into Brignoles, our biggest nearest city, without any traffic, especially near the roundabouts. All the shops were closed yet the post office was open. But they were not letting anyone into the building. Instead, the postal workers would come out and deal with people in line one at a time. It was actually quite efficient and I spent hardly anytime there. Oh, and there was plenty of parking, wow! It was slightly dreamy, actually. I drove over to the frozen market shop, Picard, to stock up and that was also a pleasant experience, albeit having to wear a mask and not be able to use a shopping caddy. I carried two bags instead. I also went to the bakery that was open, hoorrah!

I have this problem of my glasses fogging up when wearing a mask actually, it’s rather embarrassing. But I think the psychological affect of wearing one is powerful; you are more aware of touching/not touching your face and of people near you so you can make sure to move the appropriate distance away. Also, I did too many abdominal crunches yesterday that I now have some painful upper abdominal muscles that make sitting up hard (like for driving) and laughing really hurts. Has this happened to anyone of you? It’s horrible! My family members don’t seem too understanding about this and my kids are doing their best to come up with jokes, very annoying.

It is my mother’s birthday today but we cannot be with her in Macau like we had planned to. My family and I are all very sad about this. I wonder when we will be able to go next?

It is technically Spring break for schools in the North of France but of course it is not permitted to travel so many families will not be able to take their vacations like they had hoped to. It’s not just that people are afraid of being caught by the police and fined (even though one would trying to get on and off the auto routes) but in the lucky chance you arrived at your vacation home, the eyes of your neighbours would be enough to make you feel the shame of a lifetime. This is particularly true in small villages like ours. Already people have caught sight of those making use of their secondary homes here and have expressed their anger on social media and to the town hall and I’m pretty sure the culprits will be told off. So, it’s important to stay put. It’s sad not to see the usual tourist crowds descending on our village this time of year but it’s not worth the risk of having coronavirus infection. So far we are doing well in keeping it largely at bay in Cotignac but it is still unclear as to when things will get back to “normal.”

Bonne journée 🙂