Lunch at Restaurant du Cours in Cotignac

If you find yourself looking for an easy, casual, good lunch during the week in Cotignac, look no further than the restaurant at the landmark Hotel du Cours. For just 14 euros you can have a lovely starter, main, AND dessert! There are other choices à la carte too, of course, but this is the deal of the  month, for sure. On weekends and at dinner times the price goes up to start at 22 euros for a “menu” which usually means a 3 course meal (ie, formula) in French. The food is rustic, home-style cooking and perfect for a no fuss, good feeling of having dined well. I was very impressed with the attentive service provided by efficient servers. It’s not gastronomic cuisine, but I highly recommend this place.

Restaurant du Cours: 18 Cours Gambetta  83570 Cotignac

Tél. : 04 94 04 78 50
Mobile : 06 07 06 73 08
Mail :

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