New deco shop L’INTEMPOREL

It’s always great to report on the opening of a new shop in our village, especially if it’s a nice one! In Cotignac, on the rue Léon Gérard just down the road from the Bar de L’Union, you’ll find this new shop full of really pretty deco items: lamps, small furniture, towels, bed spreads, cushions, candles and dishes, etc. It’s worth a peek in also to oggle at the gorgeous old floor tiles in black and white.  If I could, I’d buy half the shop  to shnazzy up my home!!

Say hello and bienvenue to Christine and Cyril Tchalakian, locals to Cotignac who have been dreaming of starting this business and now it’s here!

L’intemporel Decoration et Linge de la Maison, 04 94 59 25 63 and on facebook: