New Year’s day walk in Bauduen (Lac St Croix)

Happy new year! If you’re like me, you’re a bit fed up with all the drinking and partying of the month before and ready for a detox and healthy start to the new year 2018.  What better way to start then but with a nice walk in the January sunshine (it was rather warm at 13 degrees C) by the lake, just 35 minutes’ drive from our home village of Cotignac!

The bonus was discovering a new casual restaurant that serves fresh crepes sweet and savory, with fresh and organic ingredients and even catering to vegetarians and gluten-free diets. Don’t let the photos fool you, this place was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and the price was right too! The  four of us ate rather well for just 52 euros. A good lunch, followed by a brisk walk in the sunshine around the village and up near the olive groves on the mountain (West side). There’s a spectacular sight by the old church there too, where climbers will find challenging and steep rocks to climb. Bauduen is of course a very popular place for Summer visitors who come to enjoy the spectacular lake and water sports but it’s just as pretty in January.