Snow in Provence 2018

It rarely snows in Provence. In the 16 years I have lived in the region I have seen it snow just a handful of times: in 2012 (2 days), 2013 (2 days) and on the 2nd December 2017 (lasted less than one day) and the big Siberian snow just recently from the 26th of February until March 2nd.

No one is really ready for snow here and we are certainly not used to the conditions so this type of extreme weather causes an abundance of traffic problems, accidents, and colder, more uncomfortable living conditions due to lack of insulation in most houses. In the past there have also been cuts to electricity due to the unusually high demand putting pressure on nearby stations. This last freeze only caused impossible driving conditions for certain people (like myself) living on hills where there are steep and narrow driveways that cannot be treated by the municipal “salting truck.” Some autoroutes were also closed, and some 3,000 people were stranded on the A9 for 24 hours due to a mega-truck overturn accident that blocked the lanes. Some flights out or into Nice were also cancelled. The most recent phenomenon touched most of Europe. And in the ski resorts of France there have been record amounts of snow (3 metres in Tignes for example) that have also caused avalanches killing over 10 skiers so far.

Here in Cotignac it certainly made for a terrific photo opportunity and I did manage to walk into the village to take a few during the half-day “pause” for snow.