My favourite things to do (by Susana)

I get a lot of questions particularly about restaurants and wine and what to do in the area so I thought I’d share my personal recommendations with you. These are a culmination of my many years of experience here and I do hope the information contributes towards either a better visiting or living experience for you. Any questions, please feel free to ask! – Susana 🙂

My favourite restaurants moderately priced (unless otherwise noted):

Food ‘Amour in Salernes, Les Pins in Sillans-la-Cascade, La Crémaillère in Le Val and La Table des Coquelicots in Cotignac. The new brasserie Café du Cours is promising too (but they have only just opened). On the high end, L’Abbaye de la Celle is a Michelin starred restaurant in La Celle (just South of Brignoles) and is fantastic.


Mirabeau (Cours Gambetta, Cotignac), Les Commandeurs (Montfort), Chateau Roubine (Lorgues), and Le Clos de L’Ours (Cotignac) and Chateau Marguï (Chateauvert). The best CHEAP wine though is by far Hameau de Carces (Carces cooperative).

Activities with kids:

Take a ferry from Théoule sur Mer or Cannes to Isle St Honorat. It’s a great island in the Cannes Bay and you can take an easy walk around it (45 mins). Explore the old fort where the Man in the Iron Mask once stayed and try the wines the monks there make at the monastery. If you want to splash out, try lunch at the La Tonelle restaurant there.

More locally: the circuit walk around Cotignac (see article on this site), Lac St Croix (Bauduen), Estagnol Beach (Bormes les Mimosas) and Théoule sur Mer (Cote d’Azur) beaches. There is also plenty of kayaking, horse-back riding, and golfing (Barbaroux) around! There is a public swimming pool in Brignoles (centre aquatique) at the Centre Commerciale there too which is fun when the weather is bad. Kids also have a great time jumping around at Royal Kids (Zone industriel, Brignoles).

Romantic activities:

Picnic on the summit of our Mount Bessillon in Cotignac. Picnic at the waterfalls of Sillans La Cascade. Lunch in Grimaud followed by a walk around the village. Aperos at any bar in Bandol. Night markets in Cotignac (Friday evenings in the Summer season). A hike up the Petit Bessillon. ‘Nuf said!