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Markets in and around Cotignac

What could be more fun than visiting your local open-air market for fresh regional organic vegetables and fruits, dried sausages, nougat, a roasted chicken with potatoes to take home for an easy lunch, some pretty clothing or sandals, local truffles or tapenades, and the list goes on! Continue reading Markets in and around Cotignac

Market day in Cotignac, June

It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day in Cotignac and the tourists seemed to come out of the woodwork. The market was bustling and there were so many buying temptations from the roasted chickens to big bunches of lavender. I finally succummed to some pretty cotton clothing at the bottom of the Cours Gambetta but oh, if I had all the money in the world I’d buy up half this market, it was so good! Continue reading Market day in Cotignac, June

Vide Grenier (flea market) Cotignac

It was sunny and warm on Sunday, the first of June, and the Cotignac Parents’ Committee (AAPE) organised a successful flea market, complete with 4:30am traffic jams at the entry to the village’s Cours Gambetta! Susana was there to see it all, deal with the chaos, and place vendors swiftly and calmly. She then continued as crêpes maker and vendor (alongside other parent-volunteers who helped out) to raise more funds for the association in order to further Continue reading Vide Grenier (flea market) Cotignac

Medieval Festival in St Maximin, La Ste Baume

There are Medieval Festivals that take place throughout the year in chosen towns around our region. May 5th, 2014’s festival was held in St Maximin where children and adults alike found themed food and entertainment at the park next to the Couvent Royal Hotel. The markets were full of hand crafted wooden toys, books, clothing, artisanal hams and sausage, cheeses and barbecued delights. Even the shops in the centre of the town were decorated and many vendors were dressed in period costume. It was a beautiful day perfect for a picnic on the grass, a bite from the Medieval Crêpe stand, or just “window” shopping at the markets that were open all day long.

Nearer to Cotignac, Brignoles holds its annual Medieval Festival complete with actors and scenarios and lots more entertainment over several days, in August. See our events section for dates in 2014.