Tapissier, Cotignac (furniture renovation)

Denis Bonnay, who runs the local Tapissier here could not be more proud of his work. It’s skilled, it’s beautiful, and most of all, it’s ecological as it recycles our old furniture and gives it a new and better look. Few Tapissiers exist these days as many people prefer to buy cheap new furniture (like the type found at IKEA) to replace old tattered ones but if it can be salvaged, it should be!

Denis’ talent comes from using a variety of natural materials, rugs, and textiles to cover old and very old furniture and he has been doing this for decades. He even has his son involved in it. His latest creation is a settee with SUZANI fabric (Central Asian, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzani_textile) from Myriam’s Kilims Nomad shop on the Grand Rue. It’s worth a stop at his shop just to gaze at the selection of different beautiful coverings!


Adresse : rue de la Placette 83570 Cotignac
Téléphone : 06 21 41 99 25