Village du Rock concert in Cotignac

The Cotignac resident music producer Mr Ossy Hoppe generously put on another fabulous show last night with the band “Five and the Red One”. The opening act was rather intriguing;  five gals  in nuns’ outfits banged on their guitars and drums and put on an energetic show for a massive crowd! But by far the best views were from Mirabeau Wine’s first floor terrace and one is considered lucky to be invited there. The concert attracted over 500 people from all over and many visitors came to Cotignac just to see the show.  Let’s hope it continues next year and for many years to come! A BIG thank you to Mr Ossy Hoppe who contributes the profits to Cotignac’s local associations and is a very valuable philanthropist here. He’s also known in the music world as a producer of popular music (rock) and we are very lucky to have his know-how and expertise in our little village in the Var. 2016’s rock concert is scheduled for Saturday, the 30th July. See you there!!