Village Visit: Lorgues

Just 20 minutes’ drive from Cotignac is the town of Lorgues (it’s called a town (“ville”)rather than a “village” because of it’s over 3,000 population). Lorgues is a medium sized town in the region with 9,200 inhabitants and several middle schools to cope with the proportionately higher number of children. And in correlation with their size, their Tuesday market is impressively big and well-stocked with  almost everything from fresh produce, kitchen gadgets, costume jewelry, clothing, and even cheap bedding. It’s a great place for a walkabout as it’s fairly flat and there are many restaurants (Le Chrissandier is the famous one), cafés, and shops along their main road (not to be confused with the D10 that leads to Taradeau and Draguignan). From Cotignac simply follow the road to Carces, then Entrecasteaux but continue towards Lorgues. There is good parking next to the restaurant La Table du Moulin (which, by the way, is also well reputed).

Lorgues is also home to one of the most entertaining Christmas markets. For more information (in French) about the town, check out their town hall’s website here: For photos of the Christmas market, check out my article here on Provence Living.